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Developmental Cell cover: The image shows three stages in the epidermal zippering process that completes neural tube closure in a basal chordate, Ciona intestinallis. Staining F-actin with fluorescent phalloidin highlights the apical surfaces of the epidermal cells that undergo zippering. Active junction contractions just ahead of the zipper plus junctional rearrangement and cell detachment just behind the zipper create an imbalance of force that pulls the neural fold together and drives the zipper forward. See Hashimoto, Robin et al for a detailed analysis of the zippering mechanism that combines experiments with computer modeling.

Robin FB*, Michaux J*, McFadden WM, Munro EM, Excitable RhoA dynamics drive pulsed contractions in the early C. elegans embryo. (submitted).
*: authors contributed equally

Quintin S, Wang S, Pontabry J, Bender A, Robin F, Hyenne V, Landmann F, Gally C, Oegema K, Labouesse M, Non-centrosomal epidermal microtubules act in parallel to LET-502/ROCK to promote C. elegans elongation. Development. 2015 Nov 19. pii: dev.126615.

Hashimoto H*, Robin FB*, Sherrard KM, Munro EM✉, Sequential contraction and exchange of apical junctions drives zippering and neural tube closure in a simple chordate, Dev Cell. 2015 Jan 26;32(2):241-55.
*: authors contributed equally
✉: corresponding authors
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*: authors contributed equally

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*: authors contributed equally

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